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The international economy is directly affected by government actions and regulations. Drawing on the AFJ team’s experience in policy-making and expertise in solving business and government problems, AFJ can help companies, trade associations, and other institutions.

AFJ can help companies, trade associations, and other institutions to:

  • Identify policy issues important to the bottom line, including political risk and possible outcomes from different policy events.
  • Develop approaches to solving problems, from intelligence gathering to strategic planning and identifying key decision points and decision makers.
  • Implement comprehensive government relations, public affairs, and industry relations programs to resolve problems.
  • Create strategies for getting ahead of trends in government policy-making.

Examples of recent AFJ activities include:

  • Resolving problems in the implementation of free trade agreements.
  • Helping governments implement WTO obligations.
  • Developing and implementing strategies for industries to take advantage of new opportunities in trade, including through new trade agreements.
  • Providing strategic counseling on long-range government policy.
  • Counseling trade associations and governments on strategies for trade negotiations.
  • Analyzing government policies to develop and promote the biofuel industry.
  • Analyzing consistency of government measures with international obligations and assessing litigation strategies.
  • Educating governments and companies on the general rules and specific provisions of sanitary and phytosanitary requirements.
  • Facilitating the phytosanitary approval for import of foreign products.
  • Advising businesses on trends in international trade and creating strategies for potential business ventures.