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Examples of AFJ service activities include:

  • Developing and executing the business and marketing plan for exporting new products from Central America to the United States.
  • Organizing and managing promotional activities for U.S. producers expanding foreign markets.
  • Landing major port security agreements for container pre-shipment inspection.
  • Developing the business plan and marketing plan for providing a new medical care service in Central America.
  • Finding partners for a new factory to produce wood products and marketing products in the region and in the United States.
  • Marketing personnel security systems to government and private security officials.
  • Marketing customs verification systems to government customs officials.
  • Assisting in identifying international call center clients and target markets.
  • Managing a start-up agriculture materials firm, including bringing product through the patenting and the regulatory process and bringing product to market.
  • Assisting in identifying real estate opportunities, including identifying sites, local partners, clients and customers and navigating the regulatory and permitting process.
  • Marketing financial services to the agricultural industries with binational employees.