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Domestically or overseas AFJ commercial services can help clients provide services, or perform the services for the client, at the customer or corporate level. Using our network of contacts and drawing on our experience in business and government we can fill needs and find opportunities, including helping companies that do not have a presence in foreign and domestic markets to find clients, identify partners, and promote their services. The AFJ model creates alliances with a structure to share in success through positive incentives and integrated partnerships.

The AFJ team can:

  • Analyze market conditions in the United States and overseas to identify unmet needs and opportunities.
  • Develop strategies and business plans to create added value, including through joint ventures and other partnership agreements.
  • Manage logistical and administrative requirements, including all the steps needed to set up a new business.
  • Implement business plans, taking an idea from paper to profit in a wide range of circumstances.
  • Operate local, regional and global business units.

Examples of AFJ service activities include:

  • Developing and executing the business and marketing plan for exporting new products from Central America to the United States.
  • Organizing and managing promotional activities for U.S. producers expanding foreign markets.
  • Landing major port security agreements for container pre-shipment inspection.
  • Developing the business plan and marketing plan for providing a new medical care service in Central America.
  • Finding partners for a new factory to produce wood products and marketing products in the region and in the United States.
  • Marketing personnel security systems to government and private security officials.
  • Marketing customs verification systems to government customs officials.
  • Assisting in identifying international call center clients and target markets.
  • Managing a start-up agriculture materials firm, including bringing product through the patenting and the regulatory process and bringing product to market.
  • Assisting in identifying real estate opportunities, including identifying sites, local partners, clients and customers and navigating the regulatory and permitting process.
  • Marketing financial services to the agricultural industries with binational employees.