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The AFJ team brings business experience, local contacts, and policy links to help create new opportunities for companies in international business. Building on real-world experience, AFJ can help a company take a concept and turn it into a viable business activity, or just help to get over the last hurdle in completing a long-planned business venture.

The AFJ team can:

  • Analyze the business environment and identify potential opportunities and risks, business and political.
  • Develop business plans.
  • Perform feasibility studies.
  • Identify alliances, partners, customers and suppliers.
  • Manage logistical requirements, from siting to hiring to managing registration and regulatory requirements.
  • Organize administrative requirements.
  • Develop marketing and promotion strategies.
  • Educate partners, staff and members on key trade issues.
  • Represent company or industry interests in specific commercial relationships or before governments.
  • Provide technical assistance to companies and governments to address regulatory issues.
  • Facilitate government import approval decisions for agricultural products.
  • Develop and implement social responsibility policies.
  • Serve on corporate boards, committees and advisory boards.

Examples of recent AFJ activities include:

  • Counsel to executive staff of a major integrated, global agribusiness and food company.
  • Monitoring and reporting developments in government policy in areas of client interest.
  • Identifying constraints and opportunities for trade in biofuels.
  • Developing a strategic plan for enhancing competitiveness of a convenience store chain.
  • Connecting businesses with potential customers, suppliers and joint-venture partners.
  • Served as intermediary between a government and a foreign company in an investment dispute.