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AFJ trading can help move products and services overseas, or supply needed imports, taking into account the market situation and local conditions. Using the AFJ team’s extensive expertise in trade agreements and hands-on experience in international trade, we can help connect producers, buyers and sellers to fill unmet needs and take advantage of new opportunities.

The AFJ team can:

  • Develop business marketing plans.
  • Find suppliers for importers and wholesalers.
  • Identify customers in U.S. and foreign markets.
  • Market products and provide support services.
  • Analyze specific markets.
  • Sell products.

Particular areas of activity include:

  • Importing and sourcing agricultural products for the U.S. market, including organic and specialty products.
  • Analyzing markets for regional and ethnic products.
  • Partnering with importers and wholesalers to develop new suppliers and improve the supply chain.
  • Importing industrial products, including fertilizer ingredients.